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There's a right way and a wrong way to clean your CDs and DVDs. Generations of vinyl record cleaning has ingrained an instinct to wipe around and around the disc. That’s the wrong way to clean a CD!

There are no grooves in a CD. Sure the data on the disc is saved around the disc, but the surface is smooth. The best way to clean your discs is to move in straight lines from the inside edge to the outside edge. Imagine, if you will, a clock. Now put your finger in the middle of the clock and move in a straight line to the number 12. Then go back to the middle and move in a straight line to the number one. Back to the middle and out to the number two. This is called a radial motion.

The CD/DVD Radial Cleaner takes care of the radial motion for you. Just turn the handle. The system of gears turns a cleaning pad to clean your discs the right way. We include our Ultreen Solution to make sure you get the stubborn stuff.

  • Includes our exclusive Ultreen solution to provide effective wet cleaning.
  • Up to 100 cleanings.
  • Cleans away dust and fingerprints that can cause skipping or mistracking.
Designed to clean most CD and DVD discs.
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