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The Cooler Master IC Value V1 Thermal Grease is a high performance thermal compound that delivers high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance. Possessing non-curing and non-electrical conductive traits, this thermal compound very effectively protects your PC components against short circuit incidences. The IC Value V1 thermal grease is suitable for CPU, GPU cooling or other applications as it achieves efficient heat dissipation quite easily.

Model RG-ICV1-TW20-R1
Specific Gravity 2.5
Thermal Conductivity >1.85 W/m-K
Volume Resistivity 1.0E+10 ohm-cm
Thermal Impedance <0.201 degree Celsius-in2/W
Additional Features • High Thermal Conductivity
• Low Thermal Resistance
• Electrically Non-Conductive
• Non-Curing
• Non-Capacitive
• Non-Corrosive
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