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The Terran System, once proud birthplace of humanity, now lies forsaken, utterly abandoned and up for grabs. Only decades before the Earth had rested smugly in the knowledge that no alien force could possibly penetrate its staggering armada of defense satellites, orbital minefields, and computer controlled attack systems, all of which patrolled the spaceways vigilantly. Invasion from an alien race was inconceivable. Ironically, though, the end did not come from without, but from within. In the year 2113 humanity destroyed itself when it sought to harness the universe's most powerful and dangerous energy source.

For many years particle physicists on Earth had been delving deeper and deeper into the mysteries of matter itself. Unraveling layer after layer of subatomica, they finally discovered the means by which they could manipulate matter at its most basic level. Tragically, their first experiment created an uncontrollable fusion reaction, which ripped apart the planet, sending an irresistible shock wave through the entire Terran System. When it was over, the Earth was devastated.

Torn from its orbital axis the fragmented planet was now a lifeless, hulking husk, devoid of atmosphere and bathed in the searing radiation of the sun. Within a few agonizing days, all human life had perished. News of its extinction spread quickly through the universe, reaching the High Senators of the Imperial Theocracy, the ruling body of the multi-verse. A thorough investigation into the mind-boggling disaster began. Anything considered valuable on Earth was shipped out of the system. Robotic military personal were then deployed to watch over the dead world.

Months later, the solar system was declared "Condemned." Now, every bounty hunter, mercenary, space pirate, and free-booting scum of the earth in the galaxy has the unwritten right to raid the system and take anything that the Theocracy didn't want. The worst cut-throats known have converged on this blackened corner of the universe to engage in a desperate game of interstellar cat-and-mouse. Astride roaring anti-gravity pioncycles with deadly arsenals, they will battle to the death against each other and the dead world's ruthless robotic sentinels. For the one who emerges victorious, the lost glories of a dead civilization await. For the rest, only agonizing death.
System Requirements
Microsoft Windows 95
Pentium 166 MHz processor
16 MB RAM (32 MB recommended)
50 MB hard disk space
4x CD-ROM drive (16x recommended)
Sound Blaster 16 or higher sound card
Mouse and keyboard
DirectX 5.0 (3-D accelerator card recommended)
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