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Imagine having limitless resources to answer your questions, complete your report, and finish your presentations. That's exactly what the standard version of Compton's Encyclopedia 2000 gives you! It's packed with the complete contents of the 26-volume encyclopedia set and much more. Loaded with the new Exploratorium interactive science activities, you can conduct experiments online, explore sound, biology, optical illusions, and much more. And with an easy-to-use research, writing and presentation tool, your child will have that report done in no time.
  • 40,000+ articles
  • 8,000+ images
  • 8,000+ web links
  • 600+ sound clips
  • 100+ movies
  • 8 virtual tours
  • Interactive atlas

Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia 2000 is perfect for satisfying your curiosity, working at home, or helping your child with schoolwork.
System Requirements
Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0 or later
486DX2/66 MHz or better
Hard Disk with 15MB of free space
256-color SVGA
Windows-compatible sound card
2x CD-ROM drive
Printer (Optional) Internet access (required for on-line features only)
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