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Take an informative, interactive, entertaining adventure in anatomy with this award-winning program from the distinguished DK software science collection.

Thousands of specially created illustrations and animations plus dazzling microphotographs and clear, easy-to-understand text make the complex systems of the human body accessible to students. Amazing 3D models and an incredible "Body Scanner” let your students take an interactive hands-on approach to learning as they examine a skeleton, view organs from every angle, overlay body systems and understand how they work.

Students can even combine or blend any of the 10 body systems to see how they interact and affect one another. Each screen bursts with images, videos and full color animations that clearly show how the human body works!

  • More than 1000 full-color illustrations.
  • 3D scanner offers 360-degree views of organs and body systems.
  • 25 videos, 170 animations and 100,000 words of text.
  • Animated sequences such as the ones showing what happens to our heart and lungs when we exercise, how the blood circulates, what happens when we chew and swallow, and how the digestive system works provide an indispensable visual instruction.
  • Fully indexed.
  • Print Screen options of text and illustrations.
System Requirements
Windows 95/98/Me/XP
486DX2/66 MHz Processor
16 MB of RAM
26 MB available Hard Drive space
4X CD-ROM Drive
640 x 480 pixel / 256 color Display
16-bit Sound Card
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