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DK I Love Maths! screenshot 1
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I Love Maths is a spectacular animated time-travel adventure. No matter what your child's level of maths comprehension, I Love Maths will reinforce skills in key curriculum areas, increase understanding of concepts such as fractions, geometry and measurements, and develop the real-world maths and critical-thinking skills essential to succeed in school and beyond. No other CD ROM matches I Love Maths' blend of solid curriculum-orientated content and incentive-driven gameplay - all brought to life by zany characters and wacky situations.

  • Six exciting interactive activities present real-world maths in a unique way that lets children learn by experience and play.
  • Work with geometric shapes to unlock the secrets of an Aztec temple.
  • Use mathematical symbols to solve the Pharoah's pyramid riddles.
  • Learn about measurements as a judge at the Measurement Olympics.
  • Learn about data handling by extracting information from maps, graphs, tables and charts.
  • Parents can customise the games to cover the exact curriculum topics their children need to study.
  • More than 6,000 help pop-ups, written by teachers, give step-by-step maths help tailored to each problem.
  • Sophisticated tracking software adjusts the pace of learning and homes in on weak areas.
System Requirements
Windows 95/98/ME/XP
PC 486DX/33MHz
8MB RAM (12MB recommended for Windows 95)
8 or 16 bit sound card double-speed CD ROM drive
SVGA 256-colour display (16 bit colours recommended)
640 x 480 pixel display
Double-speed CD ROM drive
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