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Let's Make Some Crazy Money!

As a fearless cabbie, you're driven by a single goal: rack up the mega-bucks in fares and tips before your shift ends. To keep the meter running you've gotta take the fastest route possible - even if it means using some different driving techniques...

Drive on the wrong side of the road, catch air to fly over rooftops, swerve between frightened pedestrians, or even drive underwater! But beware - the city is full of obstacles that are guaranteed to slow you down, and don't forget the timer is ticking!
  • Top quality conversion of the original SEGA smash hit.
  • Unique driving gameplay concept.
  • Take as many passengers to their destination in the given amount of time.
  • Navigate through many obstacles: pedestrians, crosswalks, streetlights and lots of traffic!
  • Intelligent scoring structure: earn tips for exciting driving technique! Are you daring enough to be the top cabbie?
  • Four different cabs and drivers, each with their own style and attitude.
  • Two huge, free-ranging courses, with secret routes to explore and high tipping punters to find.
  • Crazy box option allows you to perfect your taxi technique - sixteen levels to choose from.
System Requirements
Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
Pentium III 500 MHz / Celeron 600 MHz
64 MB RAM (128 MB for Windows XP)
200 MB free hard drive space 8x CD-ROM
Direct3D compatible graphics accelerator with 16 MB RAM
DirectX 8 compatible sound card Keyboard or gamepad, joystick, steering wheel (force feedback supported) DirectX 8.1 (included)

Pentium III 800 MHz
128 MB RAM or higher
Direct3D compatible graphics accelerator with 32 MB VRAM
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Reviewed by deepak
Reviewed on: 24/10/2008 13:18:21 / Last edited on:
Crazy Taxi is a one-of-its-kind driving game that shows how a simple idea, if given the correct treatment, can provide hours and hours of non-stop fun. The premise is simple - you are a taxi driver and you have to pick up passengers and make sure they reach their desired destination within a stipulated time.

Needless to say, this would involve a lot of crashes and dirty driving - making the whole experience even more fun! The graphics are quite good - especially at higher resolutions - and the sound track gets the adrenaline pumping. Apart from the main game, their are several small mini-games in the Crazy Box section - most of them involving daredevil stunts. Crazy Taxi is highly recommended - a must for all car game fans!
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