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Make an Informed Purchase
The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) ratings are designed to provide consumers with concise, impartial guidance about the age-appropriateness and content of computer and video games. The product that you are viewing is suitable for ages 6 and older. May contain minimal cartoon, fantasy or mild violence, infrequent use of mild language.
Set in the mythical world of Middle-earth, The Hobbit is an action adventure game in which the player assumes the role of Bilbo Baggins.

The player will control Bilbo from his peaceful Hobbit hole in Hobbiton into the dark and harrowing Mirkwood forest and finally to the Lonely Mountain, in which lies Smaug the dragon. Sent on a journey by Gandalf the wizard along with Thorin the dwarf and his stout and sturdy cohorts, Bilbo will acquire items, knowledge, and in the case of a Hobbit, courage to help him complete the quest as he comes face to face with elves, trolls, orcs, spiders, wolves, and more.


Explore Middle-earth
Battle and adventure through Tolkiens breathtaking world.

Engage in Hair Raising Combat
Combine attacks using weapons like the legendary sword, Sting.

Wield the Power of the Ring
Use the ring to become invisible and sneak past enemies.

Battle Hordes of Enemies
Face legions of enemies from menacing Orcs to Smaug the Dragon.

Meet Legendary Characters
Interact with legendary characters including Gandalf Gollum.

Solve Mind-Bending Puzzles
Gain skills and weapons to help solve challenging puzzles.
System Requirements
Windows 98/98SE/2000/NT/Me/XP
PII 450 MHz Processor
Free hard drive space: 1.5 GB
DirectX 8.1 compliant 3D Video Accelerator with 32 MB RAM
DirectX compliant Sound Card
DirectX 8.1
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