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You feel the weight of your sword in your left hand and the delicate balance of your spear in your right. A fierce and daunting warrior charges and you prepare to fight. You parry his attacks, dodge his thrusts and push him back with a few of your own heavy strikes. Around you, the clanking of metal reverberates in the air and combines with the sound of splintering wood. That reminds you. Just as your attacker comes at you with yet another strike, you throw out a Switch Attack and pierce his armor with your spear. Stunned, he gapes at you from the other end of the wooden stick.

Now in its tenth year, the Dynasty Warriors franchise returns with Dynasty Warriors 7. The game transitions seamlessly between gameplay and cutscenes for an immersive experience. With the addition of Wei, Wu, Shu and Jin factions, you now have a greater variety of warriors to choose from and a larger story than ever before. Combine different weapons in the new dual weapon battle system as you battle enemies. Switch weapons in mid-combo, counterattack while guarding or create a stunning end for a string of strikes with the deadly Switch Attack. Clear occupied cities in Conquest mode so that your officer can walk freely through the town, creating weapons, trading with merchants and requesting assistance from warriors to further improve your faction. Team up with a friend to lay waste to your enemies in local or online Co-op and reap the great rewards.

  • Team up with a friend for more difficult battles with bigger spoils from victory.
  • For 1 to 2 players.
  • Return to the Dynasty Warriors franchise, now in its tenth year, with an all-new tactical action game.
  • Seamless transitions between gameplay and cutscenes allow you to play within cinematic sequences.
  • Enthralling gameplay immerses you in every battle.
  • Choose from a variety of forces to control, including Wei, Wu, Shu and Jin factions.
  • Decimate your enemies with powerful Switch Attacks that allow you to change weapons in mid-combo, counterattack while guarding and finish off a string of attacks.
  • Engage in battle by combining any two weapons in the all-new dual weapon battle system.
  • Take an officer into battle to clear occupied cities in Conquest mode and use the city's resources and workers to improve your character.
System Requirements
Sony Playstation 3 Video Game Console
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