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Reach for the skies in this wacky skyscraper construction game!

In Tower Bloxx Deluxe, your task is to build brand new homes for the Tower Toons - funny little people who move in and turn the lights on before they even have a roof over their heads! It’s a test of skill - the better you drop new floors on the swaying tower, the happier they will be. But it’s windy up there, so you better keep your cool since a mistake might cost you a bunch of floors! Casual one-button game play will get you into building tall towers in no time - but it takes practice to really master Tower Bloxx Deluxe. Tower Bloxx Deluxe improves on the award-winning original with amazing new visual effects, more in-depth game play and two brand new game modes and brand new minigame.

  • Addictive and fun along with original one-button mechanics.
  • Stunning visual style and effects.
  • A more in-depth and immersive Play Story game mode with puzzles and brand new minigame.
  • Dozens of unlockable game elements.
  • New comic style characters.
  • Quick Game mode for building the tallest tower in the universe!
  • Time Challenge mode for competing against the clock.
  • Party Game mode for instant split-screen multiplayer fun for up to four players!
  • Achievement system with over 70 individual goals to be achieved.
As in the original Tower Bloxx, the blocks are dropped on top of each other with an intuitive and extremely fun one-button game mechanic. In Tower Bloxx Deluxe, the beloved core game play remains the same, but sub-goals are added along with achievements, enhanced city building mode and midway targets such as tower upgrades and balcony blocks that add population boosts to your tower.

In the Play Story mode the mayor A.Z. Millspaugh and city architect Ava Dandelion of Sycamore Vale has asked you, a renowned tower builder, to quickly help in rebuilding the city since the old residences are falling apart. Luckily your amazing building block system is perfect for the job! And you have Ava to guide you all the way!

Five new districts have been opened for construction on a fresh plot of land for you to work on. By successfully building and improving the districts, you will help the town to grow into a thriving metropolis. The trick is to solve the puzzle for each district – maximizing the number of citizens by building different kinds of Towers, each one getting higher than the former. You will also have to solve the puzzle of placing the Blue Residential, Red Commercial, Green Office and Yellow Luxury towers onto the city grid. But remember, whilst Blue can go anywhere, Red needs Blue as a neighbour, Green needs both Blue and Red and lastly Yellow needs all three colors as neighbours. It sounds easier than it is to get the best score possible!

In Quick Game mode your goal is to make your tower as high as possible and only your improving building skills set the limit to how high you can really go. Build all the way up into space and admire colorful planets and shooting stars amongst many other things.

In Time Challenge mode you get to see how well you do under pressure. Or you can enjoy the game together with friends in the Party Game mode, where up to four people can build towers on the same machine with split-screen fun!

The look and feel of the original Tower Bloxx is taken to a new level with colorful and cheerful graphics, filled with eye-candy and detail never before seen in a casual game. The bright saturated colors and the cartoony blue skied world is enhanced by the 3D aspects of the game. The improved camera angle really shows how high you are and induces a vertigo feeling while climbing up to space!
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