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Beyond the limits of civilization lies an island, a lawless place ruled by piracy and human misery, where your only escapes are drugs or the muzzle of a gun. This is where you find yourself, trapped in a place that’s forgotten right from wrong, a place that lives by the principles of violence. Discover the island’s bloody secrets and take the fight to the enemy; improvise and use your environment to survive. Beware the beauty and mystery of this unexplored paradise and live to outwit its roster of ruthless, desperate characters.

You’ll need more than luck to survive.

  • Fight Back In An Action-Packed Shooter
    Use an arsenal of weapons and explosives to run gun-first into the action, take down nearby adversaries with your blade or snipe unsuspecting enemies from a distance.
  • An Island Of Danger And Discovery
    Explore an island playground as stunningly beautiful as it is diverse – from mountain ranges to swampy grasslands and white sandy beaches. Fight your way through the island's towns, temples, river ports and more.
  • Uncover A Memorable Story And Cast
    Encounter a diverse and realistic cast of characters as you dive into this deep and enriching story, where morals are questionable and hope is all but abandoned.
  • Cutting Edge Graphics And Gameplay
    Far Cry 3 is being developed by the world-class game designers who brought you such critically acclaimed titles as Assassin's Creed 2, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, and World in Conflict.
The Lost Expeditions Edition:

Discover the forgotten World War II ruins of the island in 2 exclusive extra missions. Find the way out to escape the research complex and the pirates standing between you and freedom. Blast away your opponents with immediate access to the Type 10, a modified single-handed destructive shotgun for multiplayer.

Trapped inside a forgotten research facility, Jason discovers that the only way out is through the crumbling WWII ruins. But if Jason hopes to escape, he’ll have to activate the old experiments and unleash the electric storm that could kill him.

Inside an abandoned WWII military silo, the only thing standing between Jason and freedom are pirates and a forgotten missile leaking a lake of fuel. One stray bullet and the entire complex could go up in flames, forcing Jason to rely on his wits and stealth to survive
System Requirements
Sony Playstation 3 Video Game Console
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Press Reviews & Ratings
Score: 9 out of 10
Even with minor issues, Far Cry 3 remains one of the most solid shooters of 2012. It doesn’t provide players with a very deep and meaningful plot, but it definitely makes up for that when it comes to expansive gameplay. And even though I did find fatigue setting in at times, there’s always something to do on the island be it hunting, killing or exploring. With a lengthy campaign, a map editor as well as co-operative and competitive multiplayer, Far Cry 3 is provides solid bang for your buck. But... [more]
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Reviewed by Zealot
Reviewed on: 30/01/2013 01:18:43 / Last edited on: 01/02/2013 17:11:03
After a long wait, Far Cry 3 is back with a new story and a new backdrop but lets find out if the game is really all that its talked about.

Presentation - Everything in Far Cry 3 is cinematic. Be it the cutscenes, the way the characters interact or just the gameplay. You feel like you are in the middle of an actual jungle and are fighting to stay alive. And what a jungle it is, the amount of detail spent on the graphics and everything else is jaw dropping. At one time you exploring the caverns to look for a lost relic or fighting an army of jeeps thats after you, or maybe its a special animal that you are hunting. Everything thing in Far Cry 3 is beautiful.

Story - This is one of the main USPs of the game. The setting may be simple, you are captured by pirates and you have to make it out alive but the way the story sets you up and eventually leads is amazing. Every character or villain in Far Cry 3 is memorable and the pirate leader VAAS is no exception. Every moment he is in the game you are hooked. Maybe because of his dialogues or the way he acts or the fact that he is completely insane. He is a sure shot Villain of the Year. The way the main character (Jason Brody) progresses in the story is displayed very well too and his progression is related well to the story.

Gameplay - If there was an FPS game that I had to spend my hard earned money on, this is it. The gameplay excels in every aspect. Wether it is shooting, hunting, swimming, gliding, parashooting, exploring and more. Every ability can be upgraded and gear can be customised as per your like provided you have the right ingredients. And yes for you crazy gamers, Yes you can use a flame thrower and go nuts. The multiplayer is a welcome addon featuring simple modes and yet still being fun. Ubisoft even went ahead and gave a co-op mode with a unique story setting which upto four players can play. OH and did I leave out the fact that you can kill sharks with an RPG. AWESOME.

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