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Arktech. Some die for it – everyone kills for it.

When the Votans came to our planet as refugees following the destruction of their solar system, some saw it as an alien invasion; war devastated the globe, with neither side gaining the upper hand. During the fight, Votan terraforming technology was accidentally triggered, changing planet Earth almost beyond recognition. Eventually, united by a common will to survive, humans learned to live side by side with the Votan immigrants.

As a result of the war, Earth is now orbited by the remains of Arks – the colossal ships used by the Votans to bring them to our solar system. The wreckage from these Arks rains down on Earth in events known as Arkfalls, bringing with it valuable alien technology – and this is where you come in.

As an Ark Hunter employed by the Von Bach Corporation to hunt down valuable Arktech capable of repairing our shattered planet, it’s down to you to secure it for the good of the human – and Votan – race. But you’re not alone; as well as thousands of other Ark Hunters who can either help or hinder you from securing this Arktech, you’ll have to face the countless mutant creatures inhabiting Earth as a result of the Arkfalls... and they’re far from friendly.

  • Arm yourself with the firepower of the future in a world torn apart by a series of disastrous wars between humans and aliens.
  • Play the game then watch the Syfy drama to see how your victories impact the TV show, and vice versa.
  • Take on countless players via PlayStation Network as you seek your fortune in vast Arkfall battles for precious alien technology.
System Requirements
Sony Playstation 3 Video Game Console
Requires 10 GB of available storage
Online only (Broadband required)
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