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Reviewed by zfreAk85
Reviewed on: 31/01/2014 14:53:17 / Last edited on: 13/02/2014 23:24:35
As expected, FIFA 14 is the best FIFA game ever. My review is for the PC version which is identical to the Xbox 360/PS3 versions of the game. In fact, unlike the console version, the pc version can run at full HD making it visually more crisper than the console version.

As expected, the gameplay has changed slightly from the last version of FIFA. You no longer have to hold the pace control button for pulling off tricks, thus making it easier to perform some slick looking moves. More animation has been added and hundreds of improvements have been made to the "player impact engine". One noticeable difference in gameplay is "turning" while in possession of the ball. Now you can turn in almost any direction while sprinting. Thus 360 degree movement is possible while moving. But the lower skilled players take noticeably more time while turning as compared to higher rated players. Another change is the physics of the ball while it is in the air. The movement of the ball is different everytime in flight even if it is hit with exactly same power and angle, thus making the ball movement more realistic. "Tactical Defending" has been reworked upon and now feels better and more realistic. The graphics department has also received an upgrade as well. Shirts show more realistic creases and overall textures have been upgraded. But there is still no 3D crowd in the stands like the next-gen PS4/Xbox One version of the game.

The usual high quality presentation makes this FIFA leaps and bounds better than its competitors. The addition of the ARGENTINIAN League is also a welcome addition. More stadiums have also been added. The new music tracks added is also a plus. But the most notable difference is the new menu system. Now it has a new TILES-like layout making everything look refreshing and easier to navigate.

Keep in mind that this version is not same as the superior PS4/Xbox One version which uses the next-gen IGNITE Engine. But still its a must buy game for every seasonal FIFA veteran.
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