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So, what are reward points anyway?
Reward points are a part of the loyalty program at When you place an order at or review a product, you earn reward points. You also earn 50 reward points when you register yourself by creating a new user account at - our way of welcoming you to our growing community of gamers.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions below to learn how the reward points program works.
How many reward points do I currently have?
Please login to know how many reward points you have in your account.

What can I do with these points?
The reward points can be redeemed on subsequent orders for a discount.

How much is one reward point worth?
One reward point is currently equal to 1 Indian rupee.

Do the reward points have an expiry date?
No. The reward points never expire and remain in your account until they're redeemed. You can accumulate the points over a period of time and use them whenever you want.

Is there a limit to the number of points that can be applied to one order?
No. You can use as few or as many reward points as you wish in an order. Infact, if you have enough points in your account, you can use them to get the product absolutely free. Even the shipping charges can be covered by the reward points.

How do I actually apply these points to my order?
On the final checkout page, you will find a dropdown list. Simply select the number of points you wish to redeem from this list.

Where can I check my reward points account?
Visit the My Account > My Reward Points page to view complete details of the reward points earned and spent by you. To do so now, click on the icon below:
  • My Reward Points
    View the complete details of the reward points earned and spent by you.

I have placed an order but the reward points haven't been credited to my account.
Simply go to the My Account > My Orders page and select the order for which the points have not been redeemed. If the order has been dispatched, there will be a 'order delivered' button below that order. Simply click that button to have the reward points immediately credited to your account.

I posted a review but haven't received any points.
Reward points for reviews are credited only after the review is verified by our reviews editor. This can take some time due to the large number of reviews posted. If your review is too short, has lots of spelling/grammatical miskates or has been copied from another website, it will not be verified.

Can reward points be transferred from one user account to another?
No. Unfortunately it is currently not possible to transfer reward points from one user account to another.

My reward points have been blocked by an incomplete order. What should I do?
When you try to place an order using the Credit Card/Net Banking gateway or PayPal, sometimes the order might not go through due to a problem with the payment gateway or the details entered by you. In this case, the incomplete order can be cancelled to recover the reward points that were applied. To do this, simply go to the My Account > My Orders page, select the incomplete order and cancel it by clicking on the cancel button.